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Chill Anime Anonymous 09/25/21(Sat)18:42:31 No. 00WFELYW [Report]

Post anime aesthetic wallpapers with a chill vibe to them. I'll start

File 1533690838928.png (1.73 MB)
newbie 10/31/21(Sun)03:10:34 No. KIG7UGLF [Report]

is this chill enough?

File 1534105859070.jpg (494.54 KB)
newbie 10/31/21(Sun)03:11:34 No. BPGLHEKR [Report]

File 1330302235731.jpg (612.29 KB)
newbie 10/31/21(Sun)03:13:18 No. Q8V9UNMK [Report]

i find these roomscape pictures very chill i hope this counts

File 1520442488293.jpg (424.53 KB)
newbie 10/31/21(Sun)03:13:41 No. TU41HDZG [Report]

File 3.jpg (260.83 KB)
newbie 10/31/21(Sun)03:15:03 No. S7N5CN82 [Report]


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