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File: saintignucius-bw.png (14.91 KB)
grub backgrounds Anonymous 2021-06-29T17:06:58Z No. NIAPBCWT [Report]

ideally they should have a large, mostly dark area so you can read the text in front of it here is the one i use, post yours

Anonymous 2021-06-30T02:23:39Z No. 1YVAUG0P [Report] >>VLD8G4AO

>>NIAPBCWT (OP) ok this is based i WILL be stealing this. Never thought of adding a grub background until now

File background.png (28.92 KB)
Anonymous 2021-06-30T03:34:36Z No. K21SHSBC [Report]

Anonymous 2021-06-30T05:06:06Z No. VLD8G4AO [Report] >>EC4I49CC

>>1YVAUG0P >stealing it is not stealing if i am sharing

Anonymous 2021-06-30T14:22:03Z No. EC4I49CC [Report]

>>VLD8G4AO cope seethe dude get stolen from hahahahaa

File linux_bsd.png (181.47 KB)
Anonymous 2021-07-03T18:54:48Z No. NECT2J3O [Report] >>VFXJZPDC

>>NIAPBCWT (OP) this is my grub background I use black text

Anonymous 2021-07-05T17:49:09Z No. VFXJZPDC [Report]

>>NECT2J3O cute

Anonymous 2021-07-14T06:20:38Z No. UASUYYSM [Report] >>3ID1EFLX

>>NIAPBCWT (OP) imagine using grub lmao kill yourself

Anonymous 2021-07-16T02:38:19Z No. 3ID1EFLX [Report] >>77VMGINF

>>UASUYYSM wtf do you use Windows Boot MGR???

Anonymous 2021-07-24T19:01:08Z No. 77VMGINF [Report]

>>3ID1EFLX das uboot (chad)

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