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Mark sensitive

R: 3/ A: 2
dumping my papes
R: 28/ A: 26
i'm gonna fill up this board a little and you can't stop me from doing this
R: 2/ A: 2
R: 10/ A: 9
R: 14/ A: 7
grub backgrounds
ideally they should have a large, mostly dark area so you can read the text in front of it here is the one i use, post yours
R: 9/ A: 9
just some papes
R: 5/ A: 5
Chill Anime
Post anime aesthetic wallpapers with a chill vibe to them. I'll start
R: 15/ A: 15
Generic Wallpaper Thread #1
R: 0
Custom Wallpaper Thread General
/CWTG/ N-S-A UMU Edtion Post your custom wallpapers Thanks, Anon
R: 4/ A: 1
This is my wallpaper I hope you like it bring back my gangstalking forum please

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