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Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)21:51:18 No. fx-WEBZMXJW [Report]

i hear people calling my name sometimes even when nobody's there. pretty scary.

Anonymous 07/17/21(Sat)05:48:38 No. fx-QP1XTHWJ [Report]

>>fx-WEBZMXJW (OP) same

Anonymous 07/26/21(Mon)03:07:26 No. fx-GDMBRL3A [Report]

>>fx-WEBZMXJW (OP) I've heard that before sounds totally real swear to god, but doesn't ever end up with anything

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)16:14:56 No. 96WU6PRY [Report]

>>fx-WEBZMXJW (OP) haven't we all? i feel like this is pretty normal. Still spooky though

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